Radon Mitigation

Lowering radon levels

In most cases, radon mitigation is a straightforward non-invasive process that takes less than a day.

The most common way to reduce your radon levels is to install an Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) system into your home. This type of system prevents radon from entering your home by suction with a radon fan, and venting it through a pipe or pipes to the air above the house where it is quickly diluted naturally.


Radon Mitigation Method

An ASD Radon Mitigation System utilizes PVC piping attached to an in-line radon fan. The piping typically begins below the lowest floor of the structure’s foundation (penetrating the slab of the basement or the plastic membrane of the crawl space) and extends upward to an exit point above ground level. The radon fan is mounted in an inconspicuous location on the exterior or within an attic or a garage in the home. In cases where the radon fan is installed in the attic, the discharge pipe extends out through the roof so the radon gas can be released outdoors. Once radon is released into the atmosphere, it is no longer hazardous as it is diluted by the outdoor air. Radon is only dangerous when trapped indoor.

We can install a system most often in under a day. Once a system is installed, you can rest assured that your radon levels will lower right away. 


Benefits of Foothills radon installing a mitigation system

  • Reduces your risk of lung cancer immediately
  • Mitigation systems can improve the quality of air in your home
  • Immediate results with professional reports
  • We are NRPP trained and fully insured

radon mitigation system cost

Radon Mitigation Systems start at$1050.00.   Pricing depends on multiple factors including: size of home,  whether you have a finished or unfinished basement; whether you have a crawlspace and the size of that crawlspace and the type of sub soil. Additional factors will be addressed during our estimate process.

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